Theatre Archipelago is a performance art theater. Based in Toronto, this registered non-profit arts organization has a charitable status.

Just like the rest of non-profit theater organizations in Canada, Archipelago operates within the economic ecosystem of Toronto community. The production season at this theater brings crowds to the area, thus supporting local restaurants, bars, and hotels. As the attendance to the theater grows so does the impact on the community.

Every season, Archipelago presents a range of new plays and classics from the world’s repertoire. Depending on the demand, the theatre can play several productions at the same time.

Archipelago collaborates with extraordinary artists to present productions and programs aimed at touching hearts, making minds open up, and helping people find their true purpose. It supports all artists, helping them belong and contribute to our world. When people make art together, they change the world around them for the better.

At Archipelago Theater, we are committed to providing access and inclusion for all people. Programs that we offer stand firmly against racism. We inspire our artists and staff to practice inclusion, and provide equality for all, including economically disadvantaged individuals, people of color, LGBTQAI+, veterans, active military, and people with accessibility issues.

Archipelago Theater’s mission is to improve and enrich people’s life through the magic of live theater. We also want to provide educational opportunities for people of all ages and create extraordinary experiences that contribute to cultural and social interactions while inspiring our local community.

When you visit Archipelago Theater, you enter a special atmosphere of love, understanding, art, collaboration, and simple fun. All our productions are designed with the community’s needs in mind. We welcome people of all ages, races, and beliefs to join our family and enjoy art as we see and feel it.